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Time Lag Accumulation

"Time Lag Accumulator' was a system developed by Terry Riley in the 60's & also used in recordings made by Pauline Oliveros, Brian Eno & Robert Fripp.

It was an 'open ended' technique using two revox reel to reel recorders with the tape spooled between them, the length of time lag is determined by the distance between the two tape machines. Recorded tape was spooled off on the second machine and used in recordings such as 'Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band' - Riley, 'I of IV' - Oliveros & 'Discreet Music' - Eno.

For 'Time Lag Accumulation' I have extended the system and closed the loop, adding 15 layers of delay playing back through 14 speakers & resonators and feeding back on itself. Deja Vu Stew.

The system was set up for experimentation in the afternoon and running throughout the evening and featured as part of Charles Hayward Presents at The Albany, Deptford.

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