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24hr Community Composition

Sanctuary Lab is a festival sited in the Galloway Forest Park near Dumfries in Scotland. It is home to the Darkskies broadcast, a 24hr localised radio broadcast of previously unheard sounds.

I was lucky enough to be commissioned to take my project '24hr Community Composition' to the festival, an amazing opportunity to test new ideas and engage with visitors.

I decided early on that I wanted a project that would run for the whole 24hr period, I needed an accomplice and was lucky enough that a friend, Nik Arcos was available to share driving, experience and nudge each other awake during the time.

Many thanks to Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman, all the wonderful volunteers who made the difficult environmental conditions bearable and all those who participated and engaged with our project.

Highlights where the three young people who visited us during the day, recording each other and giggling. The young lad who spent an hour recording 'chicken impersonations' into a box. The beautiful mother & daughter who spent much time in the evening with us, recording their contributions and sharing with each other. The mother thanked us for creating a simple and accessible technology that engaged her daughter. Barbecue at 4am to sustain us into the wee small hours.

Massive thanks to Nik who engaged with visitors and remained up beat, enthusiastic and a joy to work with.

Here is a link to the project -

Sanctuary Lab -

Thanks to Bart Photograpy for some of the images.

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